Region 8 Fall Classic


All registration is completed online through Event Manager. Please note, you may see all or any portion of the following on your bank or credit card statement: "MSI*MEMBERSOLUTIONS 8882448044 ONLINE REG FEE" not "WTSDA Region 8"

The early registration deadline is Sep 19; final registration deadline is Oct 1, 11 PM ET.

There are multiple forms, please use the form/forms you need to complete your registration. Registration on one DOES NOT automatically add you to the others.

  1. Creativity Team Proposal
  2. Competitor Registration
  3. Volunteer Registration
  4. Sunday Class Registration

Click here to submit your Creativity Team Proposal [Instructors only]

Click here to register as a Competitor for forms, sparring, weapon, and/or creativity competition [fee]

Click here to register for Sunday Classes [no fee, pre-registration mandatory]


We need your assistance to make this event a success!

Volunteers make our championship a success - we appreciate your offering your time. If you are unsure how to help, ask your instructor or championship staff for more information. Cho Dan Bo and Black belts, in particular, are encouraged to show their pride and honor by helping to ensure we have a safe and professional event. Consider your availability and register online through Event Manager.

Most help is needed for Saturday before, during, and after the event. When you register, please note both your availability and desired team(s) - please choose only up to three choices. You will be contacted closer to the event by your team lead to confirm your assignment(s). Assistance is needed for

Competition Team: Awards, Competition Management (Head Table), Judging, Results Recording, Scorekeeping/ Timekeeping, Information Desk;

Event Support: Set-up Team (before, during, and after); First Aid (including Incident Recording); Event Coordination; Building Fund Sales Team; Scholarship Fund Team; Souvenir Sales Team; Security Team;

Photography/Reporting; et al.

Registration Questions

If you have questions, please review the championship information and speak with your instructor first

Event Information


Kalahari Resorts & Conventions

250 Kalahari Boulevard

Pocono Manor, PA 18349

  • Kalahari Resort Convention Center provides a smoke-free environment. There is no smoking on the property.
  • Kalahari Resort Convention Center does not permit outside food and beverage to be brought into any function space or common area of the Resort. All food and beverage served or consumed on the premises must be purchased, prepared, and served by Kalahari Resort Convention Center.* Please do not bring any food into the Championship or Class areas; there are a variety of outlets nearby and some seating areas in the foyers near our Championship and Class areas.
  • To protect the carpet of the Kalahari Resort ballrooms, all vehicles, heavy equipment and forklifts must be pre-approved before your event…Any display booth item over 50 pounds must be brought in through the loading dock entrance.


Kalahari Dining Options


A variety of room types are available - view Room Types at a Glance or call Kalahari for more information.

Standard Room (Desert Room) may be booked online or by phone for $219++/night (Friday night and/or Saturday night)*. Please call 877-253-5466 to book larger rooms or suites and reference "WTSDA" or Group 3803. Registering under WTSDA/Group 3803 helps us to keep prices lower for the entire event and affords you a discounted room rate. *Discounted rates starting at $169++ for a standard room also apply to those adding nights before or after the event (Friday night-Sunday morning).

General Information

  • There will be no charge and no wristbands for spectators or competitors. Wristbands will be used for Sunday classes.
  • Please do not bring any alcoholic beverages or outside food into the event space. Please follow the guidance of the Region 8 security staff.
  • Please visit the Souvenir Stand for a variety of exciting apparel and interesting martial arts items and consider supporting the WTSDA Building Fund and Region 8 Scholarship Fund through your donations or purchases of books and trading cards, respectively.
  • A small area will be provided for each creativity teams' official photographer or videographer.
  • Black Belt (Dan) competition is Friday evening (6 PM). Immediately after Friday's competition, there will be a graduation meeting for all those being promoted to new Dan ranks on Saturday morning. Please have your dobohk and gear with you.
  • A small spectator section next to the Head Table will be reserved on Saturday morning for families of those being promoted to Sah Dan, Sah Dan Master, and senior Master. A small area will be provided for those taking pictures/videos of these promotions.


All competitors must be currently registered with World Tang Soo Do Association, must wear the official WTSDA white dobohk and belt^, and have appropriate gear for their rank. ^Gup students must wear solid or WTSDA half-color belts. All ages and ranks from 10th Gup to 3rd Dan, and Tiny Tiger/Little Dragon are eligible to compete.

  • Competition begins Friday evening at 6 PM for Adult and Youth Black belt (Dan) students and Saturday for Tiger, Dragon, Specially Challenged, and Color belt (Gup) students.
  • We appreciate all the preparation and effort students and studios put into getting ready for this weekend. Please note practicing for competition, especially with training weapons, is not allowed in the competition space or in the adjacent convention space. Please come prepared to do your best!
  • Rules and regulations will be followed as published in the 2016 WTSDA Rulebook. If you would like to purchase a rule book, see your instructor.
  • Students will be grouped into divisions based on their rank and age. Adult and Youth Black Belt (Dan) students compete Friday evening beginning at 6 PM. Tiger, Dragon, Specially Challenged, and Color Belt (Gup) students compete Saturday after Creativity. Divisions may be combined or split at the discretion of the championship management. The tournament schedule is subject to change depending on ring progression.
    • Tiny Tiger/Little Dragon [all Tiger/Dragon students will receive awesome participation medals.]
    • Senior (35 and older)
    • Youth (10th Gup & above - up to age 17) [All participants 10 years old and younger who have not received a 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or co-3rd medal will receive a participation medal.]
    • Adult (18 to 34)
  • Your competition card includes your division number based on the information you provided in your registration. Listen for your division number in announcements of ring assignments, check with the Information Desk (not Head Table staff), or watch the the list of assigned rings and division numbers on the screens located throughout the event space.
    Entrances to the competition spaces will be marked - please follow the direction of the Region 8 security staff.
  • Rings cannot be held waiting for the arrival of students. It is the student's responsibility to arrive in the designated ring within 10 minutes of the ring being called over the loud speaker. No refunds will be given to students who miss their ring.


Creativity is a team-based competition with one team per studio or group of studios composed of any gup or dan rank (up to Sam Dan), age, and gender. **In consideration of our families, Creativity competition will occur after Opening Ceremonies on Saturday.**

Please note:

Chief instructors will

Team members will each

  • register for competition
  • note their participation on a Creativity team
  • pay their registration fee

The following materials are PROHIBITED in creativity performances:

  • Fire
  • Explosives/Pyrotechnics
  • Glass
  • Sharp weapons/live blades
  • Glitter, confetti, other small decorative materials
  • Powders of any kind

Teams are expected to remove their props and clean up as necessary after their performance.

Additional Creativity Competition and Staging Details

  • Creativity Teams may stage their props in the Southeast corner of the convention space in the foyer Friday afternoon at an announced time. Please speak with Master Nicole Peterman or Master Heise upon arrival to confirm where your team specifically may stage your props.
  • Please consider ~ 18' clearance (max) for props. Due to construction of new convention space at Kalahari, there is no access to the loading dock. Props will have to come in standard doors. More information will be available closer to the event.
  • Please bring your music to the Competition Management corner.
  • Teams may not enter the competition floor to practice before the competition.
  • Teams will have an opportunity to shift their props onto the competition floor from the large entrance in the East Foyer after competition on Friday night as announced
  • Creativity Teams will be competing facing the Head Table. After Competition is completed, the teams need to move their props from the competition floor (into the East Foyer and then from the building).
  • A small area will be provided near the competition floor for official representative from each studio to take pictures/and-or video as their studio's team competes.
  • Creativity trophies will be awarded to 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and co-3rd places. All teams will receive a banner; non-placing teams will receive 4th place banners.


There will be 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and co-3rd in each category: Creativity, Forms (Hyung), Sparring (Dae Ryun), Weapon Forms (Brown belt students & higher).

Only the students from studios registered in Region 8 are eligible for the Region 8 Grand Champion trophies. Grand and Division Champions are chosen by total points accumulated: 1st place - 10 points; 2nd place - 8 points; 3rd place - 5 points. To be eligible for the grand and division champion trophies, divisions must have a minimum of four participants.

  • Two Regional cups will be awarded for Adult Male and Female Black Belt divisions
  • Division Cups will be awarded for Senior Male and Female Black Belt divisions; Youth Male and Female Black Belt divisions; Senior Male and Female Gup divisions; Adult Male and Female Gup; Youth Male and Female Gup divisions.

Dan Cup winners must be present at the closing ceremony or those cups will be awarded to 2nd place winners. Gup Division Cups may be accepted by Studio Owners on behalf of the winning Gup student, if the Gup student is no longer present.

Sunday Classes with the Grandmasters

All Gup, Cho Dan Bo, and Dan students are welcome to join class with the Grandmasters on Sunday, October 20. There is no fee for participating in this class and limited spaces are available so registration is first come, first served through EM.

Pre-registered participants will receive "Special Class" wristbands. These cannot be purchased at the door. Please affix them to your left wrist so that they do not fall off. Wristbands cannot be shared between individuals.

Please respect the following class times, attending the class based on your current rank. Class location will be announced closer to the event.

  • 9:30-10:30 AM: 10th Gup White through 1st Gup Red Stripe students
  • 10:45 AM-12:00 PM: Cho Dan Bo and Dan students
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