Region 8
Youth Dan Clinic Assignments

View Studio Assignments for Youth Clinic 1 (Jun 1-3)

View Studio Assignments for Youth Clinic 2 (Jun 8-10)

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Studios have been assigned to specific clinics to balance attendance at each event. Please speak with your instructor to confirm to which clinic your studio is assigned.
Please speak with your instructor first about challenges with attending your assigned clinic. He/She will work with the Regional Director and Coordinators on a resolution.

Youth Camp 1 Studio Assignments

June 1-3, 2018

 A. B. C.  MA  DiMarco's TSD Ins  NoVa TSD (all locn)
 Anani TSD  Eagle Star Korean Karate  Oxford Karate Inst
 Arteca's MA (all locn)
 East Coast Karate Inst (all locn)  Raystown TSD
 Bethlehem MAA
 Fletchers' MA  Redland TSD
 Black Belt Acad
 Impact MA  Richardson's MAA
 Brandywine MA (both locn)
 Jae Nam Training Acad  Rising Phoenix TSD
 C&J's Mtn Warriors
 Joint Forces TSD  Saucon Valley Karate Acad
 Castelli's Shin Karate
 Josefik's Korean TSD (all locn)  Springville Karate School
 Celtic Spirit MA
 Kaizen Karate  Star Karate School
 Clarion TSD  Lititz MA  Summers MA (all locn)
 D&S Karate  Morning Star TSD  Top Kick Karate
 Devine's MA  Northeast MA
 Vaughn's Dojangs (all locn)


Youth Camp 2 Studio Assignments

June 8-10, 2018

 Center City Karate
 Jade Dragon's Karate Inst  Pocono TSD
 Cornerstone MA  Korean MA Inst (all locn)  Riverwinds Karate
 Elite MA (all locn)  Legacy MA  Robinson's MA Inst
 Evolution Karate Acad  Maybroda's Iron Circle MA  Royals Karate
 Godwin's Shin Karate  Mimidis Karate  World Tang Soo Karate
   Pal Che TSD