WTSDA Region 8

WTSDA Region 8

Region 8 Dan Test Information for Instructors

Details for Instructors on Dan Test Candidate Submission Process

We appreciate your reviewing the information below before submitting candidates for testing and mailing packages as early as possible due to potential USPS delays.

WTSDA Dan Test Information

World Tang Soo Do Association Student Manuals include details on promotion requirements; test procedures; and special, honorary, and recommended rank.

Dan Manual (2021 edition)

  • Recommended, Special, and Honorary Rank, p. 44
  • Promotion Test Procedures, p. 46
  • Promotion Requirements, p. 57

Instructors may submit candidates for testing after confirming they have met current Association, Regional, and Studio requirements.

**Watch for updates here for the 2022 cycle due to changes in HQ processes**

Dan Testing

Pre screening

Before each Dan Testing cycle, studio owners are requested to project whom may be testing in the upcoming cycle. The studio owner or designee should submit prescreening information for their studio each cycle in which you have at least one candidate who is an active member with valid membership and:

  • registered in a previous cycle, did not test then, but want to be considered for testing in this cycle (please note if you have the application packet or if it remained with the Dan Test Coordinator)
  • tested in a recent previous cycle and want to be considered for re-testing in this cycle (re-test fee applies)
  • want to be considered for testing in this cycle

The deadline for the Spring Cycle is January 31; for the Fall Cycle is June 30. Please include all candidates, including Special Needs candidates - no assumptions are made that if a candidate registered previously and didn’t test or failed, they will be testing in the next cycle.

Before submitting your studio's pre screen data, confirm each person’s membership and rank status with HQ and ensure they meet age, training, and Dan Clinic requirements. Please note: special circumstances must be presented to the Director for review, escalations, and approval in advance.

Submitting your Pre Screen Information via JotForm

Please have the candidate's current personal, membership, and training information available when submitting each candidate for pre screening. You may choose to collect that information in a spreadsheet so you have all information together for completing the pre screening student forms. Work with HQ to resolve any rank, membership, or other concerns by the pre screening deadline.

[Click here [Google] or here to download an optional worksheet to collect your studio information (not for submission)].

To complete the Region 8 Dan Test Pre screening process online, complete the JotForm "Region 8 Dan Test Pre-Screening Form"

Each submission is reviewed against membership and clinic participation requirements. Eligible candidates may be submitted for testing.


Dan Test Application Submission

For each student, please collect:

  1. Valid Dan membership card or Valid Gup membership card (if candidate is Cho Dan Bo)
  2. Dan Test Application [Click here to download form from WTSDA site]
  3. Essay (stapled; no covers)
  4. Test Fee
  5. Three (3) Passport-sized photos (labeled on back - name/member # - to clearly indicate who they are)

For the studio, please submit a cover sheet summarizing your studio’s submissions and payment details.

*Dan Testing deadlines are announced through the Region 8 Instructors Class based on Dan Test Dates. Studios are to submit a single, complete package of all candidates by the deadline. Arrangements can be made to charge all fees to the studio card on file at HQ.

Students and parents, please contact your instructor with questions about your application.


Dan Test

At this time, we are still asking participants to complete these two forms.*

Waiver and Health Questions

  1. We will be asking participants - candidates or their parents (for minors), examiners, conductors, and assistants - to complete a waiver online in advance of their visit to the respective test sites for the Dan Test as we are operating with adjustments related to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  2. All participants (candidates, examiners, conductors, and assistants) will be screened before entering the testing location - this includes a set of required screening questions.  Please do not come to the testing location if you have had a fever in the prior 48 hours, have a fever, are exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19, or have been in close contact within the last 14 days with someone who has met any of those criteria.

*Updates to World Tang Soo Do Association policy for sanctioned events will be communicated to Studio Owners.

Test Day

Review of guidelines, current conditions, and available sites will be ongoing. Please check with your instructor (and here) closer to the test date for updates.

Given our current guidelines* and testing approach, the following are in effect.

  1. Parents, spectators, and anyone without an assigned duty are asked to watch via Zoom. They may not enter the location to watch the test. Links will be shared with you prior to the testing date.
  2. To support cleaning protocols before and after each group, you are asked to arrive only 30 minutes early to get checked in and screened.
  3. We will be practicing social distancing, using face coverings, and limiting direct contact throughout the event.
  4. As usual, instructors will receive official test results once final written and physical test results have been compiled and reviewed. Test results will not be available the day of the test.

Please speak with Master Heise if you have questions.