WTSDA Region 8

WTSDA Region 8

Region 8 Instructor Reference

Region 8 Masters and Studio Owners have access to regional communications, forms, and reference materials via the Region 8 shared drive. Below are some frequently requested references.


• Update Studio Information for Region 8 listing by clicking here

• Region 8 Background Check Information

  • An introduction from WTSDA Legal Affairs Committee can be seen by clicking [here]
  • For more information on the process and requirements for your state click [here]
  • For questions, contact: Legal Affairs Committee wtsda.counsel@gmail.com

Past Region 8 Hall of Fame Winners

• Judging Certification Information [Click here to view WTSDA judging certification information - you will navigate to a new website]

Dan Testing

• Cho, E, and Sam Dan Testing*

[Click here to view reference information for Cho, E, and Sam Dan Testing]

[Click here to view 2021 edition of WTSDA Dan Manual]

• Click to complete the Sah Dan Candidate Application* online:Recommendation for Sah Dan Candidacy

• Sah Dan and above Candidates (and their mentors) should review the Thesis Guidelines for Promotion to Sah Dan and Above toprepare for completion of their thesis. Inquiries about Masters Theses are to be addressed to the Thesis Committee at WTSDA Thesis Committee

*Dan Testing deadlines are announced through the Region 8 Instructors Class.

Leadership and Instructors Class

Click to complete the referral of a Leadership Class applicant online: Region 8 Leadership Class Application Form

  1. Applicant or Instructor will complete the Applicant information section
  2. Instructor will review applicant information and provide input
  3. Regional Director will review full application and make decision

For questions, students and parents, please contact your instructor. Instructors please contact: Master Martha Heise